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The Founder of Phoria, Greg Walker, was an athlete in high school and thought he’d never get out of shape. Well, cut to 35 years old, deep into stationary office work, poor diet and shunned to the real world he fell into a dark unhealthy hole. He was eating irregularly, drinking alcohol more than he should have and choosing poor foods for a multitude of years. So falling into the American norm, he became out of shape and life fell apart, both mentally and physically.

At some point, few people realize where past choices have gotten them, and like a light switch, he decided the unhealthy lifestyle he chose was not for him. There’s nothing better than feeling alive, amazing and healthy and once you do you will know it. Fortunately Greg remembered that feeling from being fit in his high school era and after years of listening to health podcasts featuring trainers, doctors and scientists in the bio hacking world he decided to launch healthy products on his quest to become a better man.

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