Clean Your Yoga Mat With These Two Steps

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Yoga

Clean Your Yoga Mat With These Two Steps

It is not a bad idea to choose to practice yoga at home rather than in a studio. One important thing is that you must keep your yoga mats clean so they will be free of germs and offensive odor. Don’t forget that the reason for doing yoga is to stay healthy. You shouldn’t let anything jeopardize it. Moreover, if you are looking for the best means of improving your immune system, it is advisable that you go for Phoria Virushield Immune Support Superfood. This supplement doesn’t only shield you from any form of viral and bacterial infections; it also gives you the energy to kickstart and be consistent with your yoga exercise.

That said, we will be enlightening you on how to disinfect and clean your yoga mats with ease in this article. Let’s proceed.

The 2 Steps Required To Clean Your Yoga Mat

If you want to clean your yoga mats properly, there are two steps involved. It is important that you don’t skip any of the steps as each step serves its own purpose. Below are the steps required to clean your yoga mats properly:

Step 1: Disinfect Your Mat

Your yoga mats will definitely be dirty after use. Don’t forget dirt harbors germs and diseases and by disinfecting, you are not just getting rid of harmful organisms that might be living under your mat; you will also get rid of bad odors the mat will be emitting after it has accumulated your sweat. In this case, only washing doesn’t solve the problem; you just have to disinfect the mats.

At a studio, they usually use spray bottles or antibacterial wipes to disinfect their mats. At home, you can disinfect your yoga mats with the same solution most studios use. That is, you can combine water with white vinegar and tea tree oil, both of which have antibacterial properties. It is advisable that you disinfect your mat before and after use.

Step 2: Wash Your Mat with Soap And Water

If you want to take care of dirt, sweat, and grime buildup, you should wash your mat regularly. It is up to you to decide how frequently you want to be cleaning your mat. You can think about your mat the same way you do your sheets. Some people wash their sheets multiple times a week, and some wait for a long time.

Furthermore, when you want to wash your yoga mat, you can do it just like the way you clean your hands. Dip it in a bathtub, give it a good scrub, and rinse. Don’t forget to use soap.

Wrapping Up

It is generally believed that cleanliness is next to godliness. Alongside the yoga exercise, a clean and dirt-free environment will help to improve your general well-being. If you want to maintain your fitness and stay healthy at all times, normalize taking Phoria Virushield Immune Support Superfood. The ingredients used to formulate these powerful products are 100% all-natural, non-synthetic, and non-pharmaceutical. Yet, they are highly effective and help in strengthening the immune system.

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