How Athletes Can Support Their Immune Function

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Competitive Athlete

Supplements To Boost Immune System For Athletes
Your immune system consists of a complex combination of cells and pathways that interact with the rest of the body to establish and maintain an effective immune response against disease-causing organisms.

Various factors can impair the functioning of the immune system, making it difficult to pinpoint specific recommendations for optimal immune working. However, keeping these aspects in check can potentially help protect the body from disease, illness, and sustain healthy immune support.

Checking the Duration and Intensity of Exercise

Scientific literature tells us that some form of exercise is significantly better than a sedentary lifestyle; however, too much exercise can hinder immune responses. Research conducted among elite athletes found that even though moderate exercise promotes optimal immune functioning, moderate-to-strenuous exercise longer than 90-120 minutes might adversely affect the immune system.

This theory, known as the ‘J curve concept’, illustrates that when considering exercise and immune function, just the right duration and intensity must be taken into account. Paying attention to bodily cues of pain, readiness, and performance can help you determine and monitor adequate immune function.

Avoiding Sleep Disruption

Adequate sleep is vital for recovery and supports bodily growth and repair. A good night’s sleep, at least nine hours, also increases blood flow, promoting adequate oxygen supply and muscle growth and recovery.

Similarly, sleep is also required for maintaining the vitality of the immune system – in a study performed on NBA players, athletes who had enough sleep reported fewer injuries and less cases of falling sick.

Managing Stress

Increased amounts of stress can disrupt hormonal balance, resulting in a compromised and weakened immune system which is less capable of effectively fighting disease and illness. Hence, it is extremely important for athletes to find ways for managing stress to keep their bodies in perfect shape.

Some ways in which athletes can reduce their stress levels include the following management techniques:

It is important for athletes to find ways for managing stress to keep their bodies in perfect shape.

Keeping a journal or planner to track deadlines for work, training, etc. to help manage time.


Forming a support system including friends, family, and fellow athletes to keep you motivated for success.


Planning a day off from the gym without any distractions and simply having fun.

Ensuring Adequate Nutrient Intake

Apart from exercise, appropriate nutrition is also essential for any athlete or gym-goer. Athletes need to ensure they are eating a sufficient amount of food to provide their body the energy it needs to work-out and recover.

A proper intake of macronutrients – fats, carbohydrates and proteins – as well as vitamins and minerals is required to keep the immune system healthy and functioning optimally.

A good idea is to keep a daily log of food intake. This will help identify any essential food components that are being missed, such as fat, fiber, vitamins, iron, etc., and will also highlight any foods that are being consumed excessively, such as sugar.

Additional Supplements

Antibiotics are becoming less and less effective in treating diseases and also come with adverse side effects, such as harming the gut microbiome and killing the good bacteria the body needs to fight off viral infections and increase immune activity.

Since athletes are training hard, their bodies often require extra nutrients to maintain immunity for preventing diseases and also to support muscle growth and recovery. Multivitamin drinks and supplements are considered extremely important to boost performance and are a great base to begin with.

It is important for athletes to find ways for managing stress to keep their bodies in perfect shape. (1)

Vitamin B Complex helps ensure optimal energy production and promotes repair and growth of muscle tissue.


Vitamin C helps increase resistance and boosts the immune system.


Vitamin D is associated with preventing infectious diseases.


Zinc is crucial for the growth and repair of muscle tissue and also promotes immune status.

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