Nutrition: the key for athletes’ to a healthier immune system

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Competitive Athlete

Nutrition For Endurance Athletes

The Superfood everyone deserves

Health is the best investment you can bank on, there is no arguing with that. The age at which everyone has to be aware of their state of health has never been more emphasized than in the 21st century. Having the on-going and grueling battle against the rise of antibiotic resistance on top of emerging diseases is surely an alarming event that concerns everyone. Despite having plans laid out by the health organizations to solve such problems, everyone is responsible to be conscious about their health and learn how to protect themselves from diseases.

How do we shield ourselves from diseases?

Our body has its natural way of defending us from diseases and it has always been with us since birth! Despite this fact, it is still important to know how to support and boost our immune system to increase our defenses against potential risks.

So, how do we do that?

The most obvious way would be to supply the body with immune system-boosting nutrients and having an active lifestyle. That is the main goal of Phoria Virushield; to give you the necessary ingredients to feed your immune system and increase your defenses against diseases. Crafted for the health-conscious persons and athletes, this product is an all-natural supplement that provides the body with the nutrients it needs to become healthy and protected. This superfood product is formulated with 12 ingredients which are specifically used for their immune system-boosting properties and provide individuals with longevity support.

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Highlighting the benefits of antioxidants and antimicrobial activities from functional ingredients in Phoria Virushield such as oregano and elderberry extracts, spirulina, vitamin C, and precursors of important immune system components such as N-acetyl L-cysteine, vitamin D3, and beta-glucan, this product is the superfood everyone deserves. Most of these components are also known to improve blood sugar levels and decrease bad cholesterol. Among the ingredients of Phoria Virushield are also D-glucosamine HCl and glycine which are known components that regulate inflammation in the body and aid in the production of collagen in cartilages to support joint strength.

Formulated with three medicinal mushrooms, miatake, reishi, and chaga, Phoria Virushield goes beyond just improving an individual’s immune system. These mushrooms are known to induce benefits for the improvement and maintenance of blood pressure and liver function, protection against diabetes, fatigue, and depression from the many active components they possess. Being rich in trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, and iron, these mushrooms aid in regulating the innate and adaptive immune responses of the body and cell signaling, increasing your defenses against various diseases. In addition, these components also provide sources of food, or prebiotic effect, to the gut microbiome which is an integral part of the immune system.

Who was Phoria Virushield made for?

It is no secret that an active and well-balanced lifestyle leads to a healthier body, but it is also important to support this way of life. Athletes and active individuals alike require this type of support to sustain their daily activities. With the high-energy activities athletes partake in, it is necessary to build a strong immune system and sustain the body with the necessary nutrients it needs. Phoria Virushield was innovatively crafted to support these individuals.

Although, Phoria Virushield was not only made for individuals with an active and healthy lifestyle. It does not matter if you are an athlete or not, everyone deserves to be healthy. Much like where the inspiration of Phoria Virushield came from, people who have lost touch with keeping in shape and their health in check can greatly benefit from this product. Phoria Virushield is formulated to be gluten-free, vegan, and to have no added sugar for everyone to enjoy. If you are a person who is just trying to get a hold of your health at any age, you can start by letting Phoria Virushield help you in this journey.

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Be healthy on-the-go!

Phoria Virushield and its benefits can be enjoyed in the most convenient way. This product comes in a box of twenty 6g-sachets for your convenience or in a bag with 240g of Phoria Virushield powder. As an all-natural food supplement, Phoria Virushield is offered as a superfood powder you can carry around and add to your flavored beverages and reap the benefits anywhere and anytime. Make your drinking experience healthier with Phoria Virushield.

To walk, and exercise, along with you is Phoria Virushield. The all-natural superfood formulated by experts to supply the body with nutrients to support longevity.

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