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My family has been taking virushield for 10 months. We wanted to support small businesses in the health sector and we came across this manufacturer. I really gravitated to the owners story. We started adding virushield to our morning regimen in February 2020. My wife and I prepare it with peanut butter and frozen berries to give it a sweeter flavor. My son and daughter enjoy it as a smoothie or they’ll have us add it to a natural fruit juice. As a family we are very active. We traveled extensively from February through the thanksgiving holiday taking advantage of the outdoors. My career also has me traveling out of town frequently and coming into contact with people in high traffic locations. We’re happy to report that no one in our family has fallen ill during the cold virus season so far. Hopefully you and your family will enjoy the same results. Stay safe and take care of your bodies for you and your family.

DS Distributing

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