Virushield Sachets (Coming Soon)


Phoria Natural Wellness Virushield Virus Protection. Immune Support Superfood Essential Support with Medicinal Mushroom.
20 count box of 6g sachets

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Our formula for Phoria Virushield daily drink mix was formulated with doctor advise and nothing but pure and professionally sourced ingredients. The medical studies done on each of our 12 ingredients show significant help in fighting and preventing bacterial and viral infections in a holistic and natural way.

Antibiotics are becoming less and less effective as time continues. They also cause a great deal of harm to your gut microbiome, killing bad bacteria but also killing the good bacteria your body needs to fight off viral infections and increase immunoactivity. With our 100% all-natural, non-pharmaceutical, non-synthetic formula you can rest at ease knowing full-well our product is only doing its job to increase your immune system, and not to harm it.

This is the first immune support superfood formula of its kind and we welcome any opportunities to get it in front of our desired customers.