Why Yoga is a Great Natural Immunity Booster

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Yoga

Yoga Immune System
Bacteria and viruses abound in every corner of the earth. They can be picked up through breathing, eating, and even through touching surfaces. In a lot of ways, both bacteria and viruses can compromise humans’ immune systems. However, they could only do their work once they enter the body.

Yet, with more diseases spreading to humans, knowledge about immunity also spreads like wildfire. Immunity can be achieved through synthetic means such as taking antibiotics or getting vaccinated. However, there is also a natural method to boost your own immunity: by doing some yoga. This article will show you how and why yoga is considered a great natural immunity booster.

Yoga is a Natural Immunity Method

Why Do Yoga to Feel Great?

There are reasons why yoga has been considered a great way to build up your immune system:


Less Stress

Yoga helps lower the amounts of cortisol (stress hormones) in the human body. Cortisol is responsible for agitating the nervous system, which in turn compromises the immune system. By doing yoga, the body’s cortisol level is lowered and calms the nervous system down. It, therefore, reduces the risk of inflammation caused by stress.

Better Breathing

Yoga, and to some extent, a strengthened immune system, helps maintain a healthy respiratory system. Through yoga’s breathing techniques and postures, the human lungs are conditioned such that they function better.

Stronger Vital Organs

Yoga involves different postures which have various effects on the body’s internal organs. This is done by contorting the body such that all organs are massaged and relaxed eventually. By relaxing them, more blood flows through them and also boosts the oxygen levels in the blood. As internal organs require oxygen to function properly, yoga ensures that the body receives its oxygen properly.

Stronger Muscles And Joints

Yoga is a combination of stretching and strengthening. It helps the muscles maintain their strength while simultaneously relaxing them. It also helps the joints by lubricating them with synovial fluid and thus reducing any motion-related discomfort.
Yoga Improves Your Health

Better Postures, Better Immunity with Phoria Virushield

Health supplements help maintain a healthy body. In this case with yoga, these supplements help complement a holistic lifestyle. Therefore, we at Phoria would like to help boost any yogi out there with our newest superfood: the Phoria Virushield.

The Phoria Virushield is the first superfood of its kind. We also want our customers to see it in action and invest in it for the betterment of their health. This superfood is a daily drink mix made of 12 pure and professionally-sourced ingredients. It is not sourced illegally, nor is it sourced from pharmaceutical companies. A lot of medical studies done on each of the Virushield ingredients show a large boost in fighting pathogens.

You could do yoga while battling some diseases in your body. You could be taking antibiotics, but the more you use them, the less effective they become. Little would you realize that antibiotics harm not just the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria. Those good bacteria are essential to your gut microbiome and help you fend off digestive disorders. The Phoria Virushield guarantees you a strong immune system and its formula is 100% natural.

To make the most out of this superfood and you doing yoga, you can take one glass before you meditate. Its effects come in while you are doing your postures, and they last into the day after you finish yoga.

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